ShotStat For Parents
We get it! Participating in your son or daughter’s sporting events is important. Until now parents, grandparents and friends had limited options for tracking their player’s progress while on the course. ShotStat’s Interactive Fan allows parents, grandparents or friends to walk the course and enter each shot as their favorite golfer plays. This information will then be uploaded to the ShotStat scoreboard for instant viewing over the internet. Never miss another shot!

By utilizing ShotStat’s Mobile Smartphone Application, anyone following a player can instantly send each shot right to ShotStat’s Live Interactive Scoreboard! Now a traveling spouse, a grandparent on vacation, an instructor or interested fans can utilize ShotStat’s cutting edge technology and always be a part of the action!

ShotStat’s Mobile Smartphone Application is easy to use! Interactive Fan allows you to follow your golfer on any golf course. Our easy to use course entry enables you to enter the exact yardages on the course that your player is playing.

Interactive Fan allows the following tracking options:
  • Shot-by-Shot with Yardage
  • Shot-by-Shot
  • Score with Fairways/Greens/Putts
  • Score Only

One parent subscription allows you to follow all your child golfers!

ShotStat Interactive Fan is only $34.95/year!
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