ShotStat GameBuilder
ShotStat GameBuilder allows you to analyze each hole played of every round. It takes only a few minutes to enter your round statistics. Entering this data provides an opportunity for you to reflect on the round you’ve just played and helps you begin developing a strategic plan for your next round.

As your database of rounds accumulates, you will begin to indentify patterns. This information will help you distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of your game, allowing you to focus on the part of your game that needs it most.

ShotStat GameBuilder offers direct communication with your instructor. This enables you and your instructor to create targeted lesson plans that will enhance and quicken your progress. Your instructor will be able to log onto his or her account and track your play as each round is entered. You decide... are you ready to lower your score and improve your overall play? Give ShotStat GameBuilder a try and discover a new way to manage your game.

ShotStat GameBuilder is only $12.95/year!
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