ShotStat Premium Become a Complete Golfer...

Easily find out what your next lesson and practice session should focus on? ShotStat Gamebuilder allows you to statistically track your rounds and quickly recognize where you’re losing strokes. After a few rounds of analysis, you will be able to break down your statistics and structure a practice plan that includes working on the areas of your game that are holding you back from getting to the next level.

ShotStat Interactive Fan Shot-by-Shot Live Scoring!

ShotStat Interactive Fan allows parents or fans to submit their junior golfer's progress on the course through their hand held mobile device. By using a Smartphone, a player’s scores and statistics are instantly posted to ShotStat's Fan Scoreboard and can be viewed by their fans, instructor and interested college coaches. One parent subscription to Interactive Fan is good for all their child golfers!

ShotStat Player Profile Page Get Noticed by College Coaches!

Your child will get his own custom URL to send his information to College Coaches. Load all your player's accomplishments on the golf course and the classroom! Upload your golfers swing videos! Our unique video upload will automatically convert your swing into a "Slo-Mo" version as well as the regular swing.